Reaching out to Widows and Fallen Heroes across the World. We just concluded a recent visit to Sierra Leone. Follow us on facebook page and group to know more.

Universal Peace and Violence Amelioration Centre (UPVAC)

Organization in SPECIAL CONSULTATIVE STATUS with the United Nations ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL COUNCIL  (UN- ECOSOC) since 2019.

Universal Peace and Violence Amelioration Centre (UPVAC) is established to prevent crimes against humanity in all it forms.

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Main areas of our focus

Rebalancing and Upgrading- Environmental Sustainability/ Energy and Technology (Target 5,000 persons):

  • Supported 1,000 primary school students on arts and environmental sciences projects,
  • Supported 1,000 secondary school students on science and technology projects,
  • Supported 1,000 tertiary students on environmental sustainable and energy projects,
  • Organized seminars on environmental sustainability for 1,000 persons,
  • Strived to integrate the principles of sustainable development within government policies and programmes, also prevent and reverse loss of environmental resources through participation of 1,000 persons.

Health and Safety (Target 5,000 persons):

  • Helped to save the lives of at least 300 women during pregnancy and childbirth,
  • Enabled 300 women to use modern methods of family planning,
  • Assisted in free test and providing free drugs to HIV/AIDS for 500 persons,
  • Assisted in free test and providing free drugs to malaria, tuberculosis and other major diseases for 500 persons,
  • Provided health education for healthy living among 1,000 elderly persons,
  • Provided awareness campaign and sensitization on breast cancer for 1500 women,
  • Trained 900 persons on first aid/CPR, Basic Life Support and use of AED

Community Growth and Development (Target 5,000 persons):

  • Achieved significant improvement in the lives of 1,000 slum dwellers,
  • Achieved significant improvement in communities without sustainable access to safe drinking water, by providing boreholes or other alternatives for 1,000 persons,
  • Provided buses to assist in mass transit, to convey 750 persons.
  • Provided Civic Centers in different communities to accommodate 500 persons,
  • Provided Health and Research Centers in different communities for 750 persons,
  • Built a self-sufficient and sustaining community (where workers are not paid, but free education for kids, available food, free medical, -trained doctors, farmers, all professions- for a family-like relationship) to accommodate 1,000 persons.

Youths and Good governance (Target 5,000 persons):

  • Provided a capacity building training for 1,000 youths for development,
  • Provided a Social and Sports Centre to engage 1,000 youths in unity activities,
  • Provided a Leadership and Citizenship training for 2,000 youths,
  • Projects geared towards the following in area of participatory governance; Dialogue: Developing Dialogue for Engagement in Participatory Governance; Replication: Developing Capacities to Replicate Good Practice on Participatory Governance; Collaboration: Facilitating Collaboration in Participatory Governance; Learning: Building a Culture of Learning in Participatory Governance for 1,000 youths.

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Some Notable Achievements

  • On December 25th 2016, we paid visit to orphanage homes in Nigeria with support from us in areas of food items, clothes, foot wears and other items.
  • In the same year of 2016, we also organised capacity building classes across various states in Nigeria to help youths with additional skills such as in First Aid/Safety, Data Analysis, Project Management and other specialized courses.
  • Following this, in 2017 we established more offices across Nigeria and other Countries globally.
  • Also, in 2017 we carried out an advocacy for Conjoint Twins that were neglected of surgical medical assistance. Our Team was successful to get the government's attention to their aid in Bangladesh.
  • Bangladesh Command paid visit to a Primary Health Care Center in Kutupalong Refugee Camp, by October, 2017 and donated trucks of food stuffs as well as medical supplies.
  • Also, in 2017, some of our humanitarian team carried out certain humanity projects in Nepal and Bangladesh following the flood in these countries, with provision of humanitarian relief and assistance.
  • Also our international representative visited Myanmar (Rohingya) to provide humanitarian assistance (food and medical) to the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) following the ethnic cleansing.
  • Within 2017, we organised Data Analysis Training for youths, First Aid training for factory workers, Human Rights, Conflict Analysis, Resolution and Management Training for our members across our offices, physically and online.
  • We also paid visit to orphanage home on Easter day 2018 to give clothes, books, shoes, food items and other non-food relief materials in Jos, Plateaus State Nigeria.
  • Furthermore, following the recent 2018 Ramadan, our teams in Nigeria and Bangladesh were able to distribute Food items and other Non-food items.



Nigeria, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Sierra Leone...



Widows Empowerment.







3 Boreholes constructed to serve over 10,000 residents in different communities in Jos, Plateau state (Jenta Mangoro, Alheei, Agwan Rogo), Nigeria


Current projects

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