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UNIVERSAL PEACE AND VIOLENCE AMELIORATION CENTRE (UPVAC) is a non-governmental organization (NGO), peacekeeping, security, humanitarian, activism, charitable, politically, religiously neutral, social development, advocacy, and skills sharing organization with headquarters in Nigeria (Africa). It is a member of some renowned International Organizations.

The organization is established to enable all interested humanitarian workers to offer their skills in service "For All Humanity towards Universal Peace and Security ", in areas of rescue workers, first responders, first-aiders, and volunteers in different capacities, to offer their skills in those disaster stricken regions or upheavals; to intervene and provide programs in disaster awareness, preparation & prevention, survival skills, first-aid, emergency planning in disaster vulnerable or upheaval regions.

This organization seeks to actively promote peace and demonstrate a high sense of social and economic responsibility, while engaging in peace and violence amelioration activities globally, and enhancing public safety in collaboration with various local, national and international Governmental agencies, national and international security agencies, and other international organizations and NGO's.

UPVAC began work officially in Nigeria in 2015 with major focus on working in the direction of actively promoting peace as well as touching the lives of people through our grass root and community based intervention.

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Currently UPVAC operates in various states of Nigeria and also has presence in over 20 countries of the world, with activities carried out in the various locations.


UPVAC envisions a community where every person is able to fully participate in and contribute to the sustainable development of a peaceful and equitable society in a self-sufficient and sustaining community.


Seeking to bring relevant stake holders and the communities it serves together in a collaborative partnership and to mobilize humanitarian workers, build capacities to act and learn together, enable them to offer their skills in those affected regions and build community support systems for the delivery of a lasting peace for a sustainable development.

As registered by the government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, and as set out in the constitution, UPVAC's aims and objectives are:

  • To actively promote peace and demonstrate a high sense of social and economic responsibility.
  • To engage in peace and conflict amelioration activities globally.
  • To enhance public safety and functions.
  • To promote social economic empowerment and development in the society or community.
  • To establish a universal command that will carry out humanitarian functions.
  • To help in community development and services.
  • To co-operate and partner with government agencies and non-governmental organization in preventing and ending crimes against humanity.
  • To engage in activities that will prevent the violation of human rights and extreme violence.



It recognizes the plurality of the UPVAC lies at the heart of its strength, the UPVAC will respect the diversity of ethnic variety, as well as socioeconomic and gender variety of its members in fulfilling its mission in respect for universal peace.


UPVAC is non-judgmental in its decision and functions. It respects the actions, treatment of others, and is generally operated on conditions characterized by justice, fairness, and impartiality. It is committed to the equality of opportunity for all and to respect for difference and observance of human rights.


UPVAC seeks to collaborate with relevant bodies in the establishment of sustainable peace for development. It believes that effective, responsive and accountable governance requires the inputs of all stakeholders, the UPVAC will share the learning generated by the participation of NGOs, CSOs and others. It is committed to inspiring dialogue from the bottom up, promoting consultations, building consensus, facilitating convergence, forging partnerships and engaging diverse stakeholders in participatory governance.


UPVAC is driven by cleverness and originality. It recognizes the scale and scope of the challenges facing the community at large, and acknowledges the requirement to be innovative in its responses. It is committed to acting as a catalyst that brings stakeholders together to generate creative and innovative solutions to promote thoughtful analysis and learning.

Integrity and Reliability

This organization endeavors quality of possessing and steadfastly adhering to high moral principles or professional standards, it will act in a thoroughly transparent manner in all its undertakings. It is committed to demonstrating accountability. It pursues its mission with commitment, discipline and rigour, further recognizing the need to be trusted to do what is expected or has been promised.



Meet the Team

Amb. Itigbri Ogagaoghene Jesse (MIP, CISM, Ph.D)


Amb. Subroto Kumar Sarker (Ph.D)

Director General of Operations and Affairs

Dr. Amarachi Nancy

Director of Administration.

Amb. Orji Darlington Uchechukwu

Director of Humanitarians and International Development


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